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The Bedroom is a room that has appeared in all versions of Hello Neighbor. The Neighbor does not typically sleep in this room often, but rather on the couch in the Living Room. However, he'll time to time sleep in his bedroom.


In the Pre-Alpha, the bedroom was one of the locations of the blacklight. The doors would often be blocked with a fridge, table and closet (one in front of each door) which prevented the Neighbor from accessing this room. The player would need to break a window in order to access this room until the Basement door is unlocked. Once the door is unlocked, all the furniture blocking the bedroom doors will be moved out of the way and the player and neighbor can have easy access to the room.

Alpha 1

In Alpha 1, the bedroom was smaller and was no longer blocked off by furniture. Additionally, the crowbar could be found under the bed.

Alpha 2

This room was changed dramatically in the Alpha 2. A furnace was placed in this room, and the bed itself was changed to a taller purple bed with 3 wheels and one leg that was propped up by books. This would be the final look of the bed.

Alpha 3 and beyond

This room changed dressers, one of them holding a TV. There is also a set of cupboards above the TV, and the room is directly next to a bathroom


  • This room is found in the Neighbor_3 level, along with the Neighbor's cutscene model frozen in a sleeping position in midair. This most likely was due to changing Unreal Engine versions seen in this screenshot: [1] .