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Fear Darkness is the last of the three Fear levels that are in the game, and it allows the player to unlock the double-jump power-up, increasing mobility and allowing them to make trickier jumps.


The entrance to the level can be found in a room suspended by cables, high up near the top floor, which can be reached by using an umbrella. It requires the red key, which can be found near where the crowbar is found, and requires the player to use the electromagnet hatch to get the rifle past the no-gun door, and then shoot six switches, followed by pulling the small red lever, which opens the case containing the key.

During the Fear Darkness level, the player will find themselves shrank to a very tiny size, and they must navigate the storage cupboard, which appears huge to them and is incredibly dark, hence the level's name. They must climb upwards, utilising the various objects in the cupboard to go up to the very top, where they will turn the lights back on. The exit door is close-by, but since the player is tiny, they cannot currently open it. Notably, there is no fall damage in this level, so the only penalty for falling is having to try again. Around the level, mysterious figures can be found, but only their eyes are visible. If they are approached, they will disappear and whisper incoherently. They will not harm the player, but may succeed in unnerving them.

First, they must climb the nearby plank near the camera, passing by some figures and jump across the gap to the table with the books. Then, they must jump up the orange juice box, onto another shelf and throw one of the nearby cups at the vase to smash it and lower the shelf it holds up. They must climb it and make a jump, soon coming to a pair of thinner planks. The one sloping upwards must be climbed, and then they must turn right at the top of the door frame and jump into the toaster. The toaster will launch them upwards, but a white metallic platform will prevent their ascent, causing them to fall onto the shelf below. The player should then jump across to the exit sign, and jump to the next shelf, then jump across the gap and onto a shelf which almost collapses. They must then walk forward and fall down onto another shelf, jumping over a magnet and towards where more figures are seen. They must walk up the passageway, past more figures and then come to a clock, which they must jump on. Jump the gap, and then jump across more planks, which will break and fall if stood on for too long. Pull the lever here and the white metal platform will fold up. The player can simply jump to the toaster and let it launch them. With the platform no longer in the way, they are launched higher, into an angled shelf which sends them flying to the left onto another nearby shelf. They must climb it, and then pick up four darts from the dartboard, and then nudge one of the paper planes in order to ride it across to a shelf on the opposite wall. Then, they must climb up the telephone and some nearby shelves, and throw the darts at the white wall to create small platforms. Jump up the darts, walk along the plank and to the shelf at the end. Finally, they must attempt to jump for the red light switch. They will fall, but the game slows down and repeatedly prompts them to press space. Once they do so, they will successfully perform a second jump in mid-air, and the screen whites out. Once the player's vision returns, the lights will be back on, and the player will be back to their normal size. Simply exit, and the player unlocks the ability to double jump by pressing the jump key while in the air.


  • Fear Darkness is the only Fear level not to feature mannequins.
    • Its completion also does not unlock a shortcut or access to a new room.
  • The figures' whispering is the same whisper used by the students in the Fear School level.
  • This level is one of the locations where a BIJUUM can is found, the other being the Neighbor's kitchen.