Fear Factory

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Fear Factory was a Fear level that could be found in Beta 1 and 2 of the game. It would unlock the super-throw ability, which allows the player to throw objects further, and with enough force to knock the Neighbor over, by holding the throw button for longer before release. It was removed in Beta 3 when the developers felt it wasn't fun enough, and the super-throw power-up was made a default ability for the player.


The entrance to the level could only be accessed by no-clipping into the flooded vault. It was replaced in Beta 3 with a room containing a guitar.

The level took place inside of a desolate factory with large floodlights. During the level, mannequins would suddenly appear and surround the player, preventing them from moving. One would drop a basketball, which the player needed to pick up and throw, prompting the mannequins to free them in order to grab the ball. After travelling a short distance, the player would be surrounded again, and would have to repeat this about ten times, after which the mannequins would no longer surround them and they could exit the level. It was supposed to teach the player they could hold the throw button for longer to throw further, and it was not completed before its removal.