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Fear School is the second of the three Fear levels that are in the game, and it allows the player to unlock the shove power-up, allowing them to push over the Neighbor once per chase if he grabs them.


The entrance to the level can be found on the first floor, near the stairs and behind a pile of boxes. It requires the green key, which can be found attached to the electromagnet in the room next to the tram station at the top of the set of ladders near the stairs. They must deactivate the electromagnet from the roof in order to grab the key.

During the Fear School level, the player must navigate an incredibly elongated classroom, where the bell rings periodically, presumably to represent lessons starting and ending. They must use lockers to stealth past the teacher and students, since the invisibility power-up does not work on this level. Each time the bell rings, the level switches between "student mode" and "teacher mode". During student mode, there are a lot of mannequin students wandering around, and a single immobile mannequin, whom is presumably the teacher. The player must hide in one of the many lockers, while the students roam around. If the player is out in the open and spotted by any students, they will hoarde the player, sending them back to the beginning of the level if they make contact with them. If they see the player hide in a locker, they will look curiously through the locker window from the outside for a couple of seconds, and then wander off. They cannot harm the player at this time.

During teacher mode, the students go to their desks while the teacher patrols around, glowing white to differentiate itself from the students. Sometimes, there will be one or two students running back and forth away from their desks, and if it sees them, it will escort them to their desks. If it spots the player, and isn't currently checking a student, it will assume they are a badly-behaved student, and charge towards them. It will not stop if the player hides in a locker, though it cannot catch them there. If caught by the teacher, the player is also sent back to the beginning of the level. The teacher and the students cannot be outran, as they are very fast.

Once the player reaches the end, a single large mannequin appears from the doorway before they can leave. It will stare at them for a moment, and then grab them. The player must press space repeatedly and push the mannequin over, thus ending the level. Upon exiting, the player can remove the chair from the nearby door to unlock a shortcut to the Neighbor's yard.


  • The ending of the level is similar to the nightmare sequence in the Pre-Alpha. Both involve a giant being that stares at the player and attempts to grab them.