Flooded Room

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"Flooded Room"
Flooded Room.png
Room details
* Second floor (Alpha 1)
  • At the very top of the elevator shaft (Beta 3)
  • Top floor in Act 2 (Full game)
Alpha 1, Beta 3, Full game

The Flooded Rooms are an assortment of rooms that first appeared in Alpha 1, and also appeared in Beta 3, with an additional room in the full game. A separate flooded room also appears blocking off a room containing a guitar.


A flooded room appears in Act 2, and holds a shovel. However, a Sharkotron patrols in the water, preventing the player from getting the shovel. If the player stands in the water, it will make a beeline for them and, should it catch them, they will be sent back to the Neighbor's back yard. The player needs to use the valve on the tap at the side of the house, located above the rear ladder. The water will be drained and the Sharkotron will become harmless, allowing the player to get the shovel.

In Act 3, a different flooded room is found, located at the top of the ladders near the stairs. It replaced a small room containing a pile of junk which was in the early Betas. While there is no Sharkotron in this room, there are piles of furniture scattered around, some of it blocking the boarded up window. However, there are shelves above the water, and one contains a red gramophone. The player must freeze the water by retrieving the globe, freezing it in the fridge and then placing it on a pedestal in the room with the missing wall. This will allow them to reach the gramophone.

Alpha 1

The flooded room was a large room at the top of the stairs, and it served as one of the locations for the bell. A Sharkotron was also present. It was a robotic shark that would patrol the room, and chase the player if they were in the water, sending them out of the house if it caught them. The player needed to turn off the furnace on the first floor in order to freeze the water and render the Sharkotron harmless.

Beta 3

The flooded room in Beta 3 was identical to the one that appears in Act 3 of the full game.