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Tool Items[]

Tool Items are Items that serve a purpose to the player. For example, the Flashlight helps the player see in certain areas, or the Binoculars which help you see a long distance away from you (allowing you to spy on the Neighbor through his windows.) These items don't necessarily progress the game forwards, but will help the player at certain points.

List of Tool Items[]


The Weapons in Hello Neighbor don't actually damage the Neighbor, but stun him so that you can make a quick escape. Things like the Fireworks will blind the Neighbor, but things like the Rifle will only affect the Neighbor a little. The Bear Trap is another good example. Though it is usually used against you, you can actually use it against the Neighbor so that he gets trapped for a couple seconds.

List of Weapons[]

}}Light Bulb

Teddy Bear

//Crib //Hammer // Toolbox

Key Items[]

Key Items are Items that allow you to progress the game forwards, but serve no other purpose other than that. For example, the Shovel allows you to progress the game by obtaining the Teacher Mannequin, but does nothing else. Another one would be the Hammer (or Crowbar) which allows you to remove the boards on the Basement Door, but does nothing else.

List of Key Items[]

Misc Items[]

  1. Armchairs
  2. Coffee Cup
  3. Broom
  4. Bread
  5. Toast
  6. Shoes
  7. Vase
  8. Opened Box
  9. Crate
  10. Books
  11. Wooden Planks
  12. Nails
  13. Potted Plant
  14. VCR
  15. VCR Tape
  16. Paper Airplanes
  17. Paper Scrap
  18. Cutting Board
  19. Banana
  20. Banana Peel
  21. Plates
  22. Clock
  23. Kettle
  24. Toaster
  25. Gun Box
  26. Bag of Flour
  27. Oat Box
  28. Apple Cores
  29. SM Grey Painting
  30. LG Grey Painting
  31. Apple Painting
  32. Family Painting
  33. Flower Painting
  34. SM Lamps
  35. Tall Lamps
  36. TV Antenna
  37. Eye Paintings
  38. Mouth Paintings
  39. Lawn Mower
  40. Bonus Tank
  41. Paper Cone
  42. Yellow Armchair
  43. Milk Carton
  44. Crushed Carton
  45. Chinese Box
  46. Crushed Chinese Box
  47. 8-BIT Book
  48. ARRONSAYWAT cereal
  49. Salsa
  50. Knife
  51. Toy Truck
  52. Soda
  53. Mask
  54. Garbage Bag
  55. Trash Can
  56. Trash Lid
  57. Microwave
  58. Bowling ball
  59. Toothpaste Tube
  60. Toothbrush
  61. Red Nut
  62. Rubix Cube
  63. Doll
  64. Shovel
  65. Toy Airplane
  66. Toy Car
  67. Fake Window
  68. Woman Shoes
  69. Kids Shoes
  70. Players Kitchen Chair
  71. Stereo
  72. Bricks
  73. Over Sized Painting
  74. Sharkotron
  75. Pressent