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Keys are a set of major items in Hello Neighbor.

There have been a number of different keys throughout the development of Hello Neighbor. There are seven keys in the final game.

Keys in the final game[]

Blue Key[]

The blue key allows the player access to the room on the 3rd floor containing the crowbar and the platform which takes them to the Fear Supermarket level. It can be found on the second floor, in a cabinet behind the painting. It requires the magnet gun in order to be obtained. It's only required for unlocking an easier path to the third floor and train car. In Act Two, it is on a wall hook next to the door it unlocks.

Green Key[]

The green key allows the player to unlock the first floor door near the stairs that takes the player to the Fear School level. It can be found attached to the electromagnet in the room next to the tram station at the top of the ladders. To turn off the electromagnet, the player must visit the roof and, using the red gramophone, navigate past the tomato plants and drop an object into the hatch covering the gears.

Yellow/Golden Key[]

In the first act of the game, the golden key unlocks a door on the second floor of the house, and the key itself is next to that door. In order to get the key, the player must remove the nearby oversized painting and jump through the hole it covered.

In the second act, the key can be found in the room above the child's bedroom, and allows for a shortcut back to the fireplace room nearby.

In the third act, the golden key can be found behind the door that it unlocks, though there is an alternate path to that room the player must take. It has very little purpose other than to allow for a shortcut, and is the only one of the keys that is not mandatory for beating the game.

In Alpha 3, it could instead be found in a locked case above the Neighbor's front door, and was essential for getting the rifle.

Red Key[]

In the first act, the red key is the item required to get into the basement. It can be found in the child's bedroom on the top floor, on a cabinet.

In the second act, the red key is one of the methods of escaping the Neighbor's house, and unlocks the large front gate which is keeping the player captive. It is found in an isolated room on the top floor, and the player must flood the previous room and freeze the water with the nearby lever in order to gain access.

In the third act, the red key unlocks the door in the room suspended near the roof, allowing access to the Fear Darkness minigame. It can be found in a small container in the room past the gun-detecting door. To open it, the player must use the electromagnet hatch to get the rifle past the door, and then go into the next room and shoot six switches, and then pull the small lever that is opened up.

White Key[]

The white key is found on a wall hook, inside the small room available after beating the Fear School minigame during the third act. The nearby door is held shut by the white lock, which the key can unlock. In previous versions, the door was instead held shut with a chair. While it isn't mandatory for beating the game, it allows for a shortcut to the Neighbor's yard.

Rusty Green Key[]

The Rusty Green Key is a key which is used to unlock The Player’s house at the start of act 3, it can be found inside the trunk of the car

Car Key[]

The car key is a small red key that can be found in the first act, inside the room containing the yellow key. It allows the player to open the boot of the Neighbor's car and obtain the Magnet Gun.

Toy Key[]

The toy key is a small yellow key with a little red ribbon wrapped around it. It can be found in Act 2 of the game, inside the coffin in the Neighbor's back yard. It is used to open the model house in the child's bedroom.

Scrapped Keys[]

Rusty Brown Heart Key[]

The rusty brown heart key was essential to unlocking the Neighbor's basement in the Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1, as an alternative to the lockpick. In the Pre-Alpha, it was found either in the hallway at the front of the house, or on the drawer in the living room, next to the TV. In Alpha 1, it could be found by using the jackhammer on the wall found after completing the rifle range puzzle.

Red and Silver Key[]

The red and silver key was in Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. It belonged to the player in Alpha 1, and was the key to the front door of their house. In Alpha 2 however, it belonged to the Neighbor, and unlocked the tool room holding the lockpick and a crowbar. The key was attached to the Neighbor's belt, and the player was required to sneak up on him and steal it.

Small Silver Key[]

The small silver key appeared in Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. In Alpha 1, it unlocked the counter gate in the rifle range room. The player needed to beat the rifle range by shooting three targets, and the key would drop from a vent nearby. In Alpha 2, it was stolen by a raven during the tutorial, and it unlocked the Neighbor's house.


  • Every scrapped key in alpha 1

    Every scrapped key in alpha 1

    The rusty brown heart key could be found in Alpha 2, via going under the Neighbor's living room via debug camera or ghost mode. However, it had no function in this build
    • It was probably intended to open the Tool Shed, as the lock is very similar to the one on the basement door in the previous versions.
    • It also appeared along with a few other keys in the Alpha 2 basement, though it was inaccessible since the game ended at the open door. Using ghost mode and attempting to use the keys on the padlock revealed that the function, either by accident or because of transitions between Unreal Engine 4 versions, was not programmed in.
  • In the final build of the game, the lockpick can act as a replacement for one of the keys during the third act of the game.