Raven Brooks

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"Welcome to Raven Brooks"

Raven Brooks is a fictional small suburban town located in Missouri in Hello Neighbor. It is where the game takes place in all three Acts. The full location was revealed in the novel titled Hello Neighbor: The Missing Pieces.


Raven Brooks is a very green town, with grass covering a majority of the land, and a very large abundance of trees all over the town. There is also a very large lake with boats on the surface, and a drainage system on the side. The town has a lot of features that would be expected of a typical town, including a water tower, a church and graveyard, a school, a supermarket with parking lot, a hospital, a factory and numerous residential houses, some of which have cars parked outside. Most importantly however, the town holds the Roth and Peterson households, the former of which houses the Protagonist (and presumably his parents in Act 1, though they are never seen), and the latter of which houses only one resident in-game. A T-shaped road, which runs between the houses of Nicky Roth and Mr. Peterson, is also present, along with numerous other roads. A skyline silhouette can be seen in the distance if Nicky looks down the road.