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tinyBuild is an indie game studio. In partnerhsip with Dynamic Pixels, they are responsible for Hello Neighbor.


Alex Nichiporchik, CEO

alex@tinybuild / @aNichiporchik

Alex Nichiporchik is the producer and marketing guy on most tinyBuild projects. He's originally from Latvia, lives in the Netherlands, and doesn't have any citizenship on Earth.

Before co-founding tinyBuild, he was a pro-gamer, a games journalist, and game producer. Created A10.com while at Spil Games.

Luke Burtis, Managing Partner

Luke handles the business operation at tinyBuild. This includes a morphed role of CFO and COO into one. He's also in charge of tinyBuild's conventions like PAX.

Before tinyBuild, Luke was the managing director of Casual Connect for 8 years. Lives in Seattle.

Yulia Vakhrusheva, PR Director

If you're a streamer, youtuber, or press -- you've probably been working with Yulia. Originally Ukrainian, currently American, Yulia is in charge of tinyBuild's PR operation.

Tom Brien, Creative Director

Tom Brien grew up being an indie developer, making flash games in his spare time. At tinyBuild, he's the creative drive behind our games.