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"Tool Shed"
Room details
Neighbor's Back Yard
Alpha 2

The Tool Shed was a location in Alpha 2 of Hello Neighbor.


The tool shed could be found in the Neighbor's back yard in Alpha 2. Its door was padlocked, requiring the lockpick from the tool room or in the kitchen cabinet drawer in order to be opened. It contained a wrench and the rifle. The Rifle was for self-defense against Mr. Peterson, and the wrench was for getting onto the roof. This was the only version that the Tool Shed appeared in, making it an Alpha 2 exclusive like the Bird Room


  • The door on the shed was also used as a non-openable door in the player's house at the top of the stair case.
  • A key that looks like it was meant for the shed can be found under the neighbor's Living Room floor and can be picked up if you lean the camera inside of it at the right angle. The key does not work for unlocking the padlock.
  • The shed without its door was on the small island in the pond outside the map. The pond can be found by using ghost mode.
  • The shed can be seen in the Alpha 1.5 video (unfinished Alpha 2), but it's purpose was unknown since at the time the rifle was on the wall in the Hallway.
  • Once unlocked, the neighbor could chase you into the shed, but if he is outside and didn't see you go into the shed, he won't be able to see you through the windows.